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Graphic Design Contest Details

We'd like to reach out to graphic designers in our community of Vernon, CT to see what kind of talent we have in our town. We're going to be offering $100 to the winner of the contest along with a link from our website to your portfolio. Please read all of the criteria carefully:


    Evolution from painted art to graphic art. We'd like to see how you would interpret the change from printed art to graphic art. Instead of using a paint brush, artists are now using a mouse.


    650x200 pixels. This will be used on our website with a short description of the evolution from printed to graphic art.

- Keep it PG, we won't review anything explicit.
- Only people in Vernon, CT are allowed to enter
- No age restrictions
- Must be original by the designer
- Only 1 winner

- $100 Cash
- Backlink from our website to ours
- We're going to feature your designed image on our website

Contest Ends

    We must have your design in by TBA


    We're looking for something that sums up graphic design by incorporating painted art. We'd like it to be eye-pleasing, but not confusing. Lots of colors, but not over the top. If you have any more questions about this contest, please contact me:


Graphic Design Contest in Vernon, CT

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