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Mounted Wall Posters

Mounted Wall Posters - simply use double stick tapes, nails, or screws to attach these posters to the wall. Come in a variety of board materials with optional lamination for long life.

1/8" PVC board is the most expensive board that we offer mounted posters on, but is also the smoothest and most durable board. A less expensive option with the same flatness is a foam board. The 3/16" foam board was commonly used at tradeshows and because they were such low cost, they could be thrown out afterwards instead of packed up and taken with the exhibitor.

Corrugated plastic is a material that is very durable and can be dropped multiple times without seeing any major damage. If you are going to be beating up a sign, then this is the sign you want to have. The PVC can break if enough pressure is applied, whereas this will just bend and you will see a crease. The foam board will dent if you sqeeze it too hard, wereas the corrugated plastic is a lot harder to dent and is usually not that noticeable when dented.

Are you making an attempt to Go Green? Then try our Eco-Friendly board. This board can be recycled aftewards in the same area that cardboard gets recycled into. With a seal on the back of the sign, people will notice that you are doing your part to be eco-friendly

Quantity discounts can be found on the product page.  

  Price Guide
Foam Board
Corrugated Plastic
1/8" PVC Board

Quantity discounts can be found on the product page.  

  Price Guide
Foam Board (Double Sided)
Corrugated Plastic (Double Sided)
1/8" PVC Board (Double Sided)
EnviroBoard (Double Sided)
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