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Foam Board Signs

Foam Board Printing is only one of the substrates we offer, and while Foam Board is a great signage material, it does damage easily,  

Corrugated Plasitc is a great all purpose sign material that is waterproof and is less likely to get damaged.  

1/8" PVC Board is a great sign material also since it has a smooth surface like foam, and it is waterproof. PVC can break if dropped on the corners, so you need to be careful handling and shipping it.  

Our EnviroBoard is a high density white corrugated cardboard.  Good for the enviroment as it uses recycled materials and is itself able to be recycled with cardboard. This surface is ok for printing, but you may see some small discolored recycled fibers in the face. Still a good choice for signage that is enviromentally friendly.

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