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Retail Banner Stands


  The stand comes in different sizes which makes it easier for you to figure out what will work best for your store. You can have it set up as a  table top sign or free standing banner stand.  You have the option for single sided or double sided. The bases are smaller than the banners so it won't create a tripping hazard and allows you to place anywhere you would like. These stands will give your store the professional look that will really help you drive sales and consistency in your store. 

Suggested for indoor retail outlets

    Although the wide base provides a great way for the retail banner stand to stay put without tipping over, it doesn't hold up in the wind very well. Although all of the components of these stands are waterproof, the wind is still the biggest factor. What you can do to avoid your stand tipping over in the wind is to put sand-bags on the bottom base or look at getting a banner stand that is made for outdoors.

Save on staffing by using as a sales technique

Do you run the same sale every week or do you change your sales weekly? This stand makes it very easy to change out the artwork by 2 dowels that hold the banners in place.  Different material options will help you stay in budget and give you the look you want.  This banner stand can promote your in store advertisements as a silent sales man, no salary needed.

B2C Stores

    When selling to the consumer, we all know what the one thing they are on the look-out for: SALES. All consumers want to see where they can save money, especially in this market. Use these retail stands to promote your monthly or weekly sales by being able to change out the banner very easily and quickly. Move the stand around the store depending on what you have for a sale or special in order to keep your customers informed about your discounted items.

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