blue wave new website

Since we have been in business we have been listening to customer feedback to provide the best possible experience for all of our customers. Recently we have rolled out a few updates to our website that has already given positive feedback.

Updated Website

We offer a lot of products and it is hard to categorize them all in an easy way for all of our customers to view them. We have removed the side bar on most pages to give a cleaner way to view our categories and products.

Along with an easier way of navigation, we have also added the search menu to the very top of our website to make it easier for our customers to find the products that they are looking for. Even when they can’t find something custom, we are available via live chat for an extra 3 hours a day and e-mail.

The site update also came with a responsive design, allowing our customers to view the website on their mobile phones, tablets, and desktop computers.

New Design Online Program

Our old design online program was giving customers a hard time because of the multiple logins and general lack of ease of use. The new design program integrates directly into our website platform allowing customers to have one login that accesses their designs as well as all of their previous purchases.

All old designs have been saved to a private database that we can pull up if a customer wants to re-order exactly the same design as last time. Most of our customers are finding it very easy to use the new design program to make an updated version.

Backgrounds can also change color allowing our customers to match their background with a color of their choice.

Extra Staff

To keep up with the speed at which our customers do business, it was necessary for us to hire more staff. Including adding two new customer representatives and three new members in production. On top of the addition of new staff, we have also increased production capabilities with a larger and faster fabric printer capable of printing 10’ wide and a smaller banner printer to keep up with demand for our vinyl banners.

Moving Forward

As we move into the future we will continue to listen to your feedback to provide the best customer experience. Thank you for your continued support.