Vibrant fabric wall mural displays are significantly placed in areas of everyday life. They highlight moments, start conversations, and brighten up the day. Everyone has a daily routine and ritual where they are either traveling, eating out, visiting family, or going to work. It is hard for illuminating graphic wall displays to go unnoticed.

The choices and varieties are endless. They can be changed for personal and business needs. These desirable designs and inspirations continue to grow nationwide. This product is a popular choice because of its accessibility to size. It also has simple construction and looks good hung up on a wall. Fabric Pricing Chart

Fabric Wall Murals also has the option of Replacement Fabrics. These are at cheaper costs and reuseable as well. Replacement Fabric Pricing Chart









The need for fabric wall murals is strong. Companies gravitate towards fabric wall murals because they populate the work atmosphere. Fabric displays can be found in offices such as doctors, dentists, and chiropractors. They are hung up on walls either in hallways, lobbies, or even behind desks/workspace. The images grab customers’ attentions during a waiting period such as waiting for an interview, a meeting, or an appointment. They also can be found in areas filled with a lot of activity including football stadiums, airports, and hospitals. Sometimes fabric wall murals can be found at festivals, concerts, and casinos.

The first thing customers notice walking into Blue Wave Printing & Display, is our fabric wall murals. They are displayed as wall cubicles for our customer representatives and graphic designers. They are also hung up in everyone’s office including production, which is located in the back of the building. 

These attractive silicone edge fabricated designs are easily assembled into 1" lightweight aluminum thin edge frames. All fabrics come with a tab, so it can easily pop out and replaced with a new fabricated graphic. The fabric tensions taught and the soft knit 5.0 osy polyester material makes a very professional and natural feel mural. The dye sublimation process produces very high definition prints that last a long time. 

Having a general knowledge of how to hang picture frames is a plus. The installation process is quick and easy (5 minutes). Down below is our instructional video of how to put together a Fabric Wall Mural properly. 

Assembly of a Wall Mural Frame & Fabric Installation

Fabric Wall Mural from Eric hagelin on Vimeo.

Check out Big Fabric Displays for Big, Large, Giant, and Oversized Fabric Wall Murals!

Big Fabric Displays also has Replacement SEG Fabric.

Fabric Wall Murals are folded and packaged comfortably in fitted boxes for shipping purposes. 

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