What is the difference between the Economy Board and the PVC Board?

The Economy Board is a corrugated plastic material, which is 3/16" thick.  It has hallow grooves through the center, making it lightweight, but still sturdy and durable.  The grooves create small ridges on the surface, however, these do not interfere with printing or writing on the check.  From my experience, you can barely notice them from a distance and in photos.  Most yard signs are made out of this material as well, in case you are wondering what it looks like! 

Check out our Economy Board checks by clicking this link! http://www.bigcheckstore.com/economy-checks.html 

The PVC Board is a solid plastic material, which is 1/8" thick.  This material does not have hallow grooves, however, it is still lightweight, sturdy and durable.  The surface of this material is smooth, creating a sleeker, more professional look.  I recommend using this material if you are looking for an up close and personal photoshoot during your presentation.

Check out our PVC Board checks here! http://www.bigcheckstore.com/regular-big-checks.html 

 When will my Big Check ship? / When will I get my Big Check?

If orders are placed and proofs are approved by 2pm EST on a given business day, we will print and ship same day.  If placed or approved after the deadline, we print and ship the next business day.  It's a pretty quick turnaround time on these products and we do our best to accommodate every deadline that we are faced with.  If this is a last minute project you just thought of that would make an awesome addition to your donation, let us know and we'll let you know what needs to be done for you to get it one time!

As far as shipping times go, it varies by state.  We are located in Connecticut, so ground shipping can take anywhere from 1 business day to 6 business days, depending on where you are shipping to.  If you are shipping to California or Texas, it's going to take about 4-5 business days for your check to arrive via ground shipping.  If you need to receive it sooner, we offer expedited shipping of 3 Day Select, 2nd Day Air, and Next Day Air as well.

Take a look at our Ground Shipping Map to determine how long it would take for you to receive your Big Check via ground shipping.  This way, you'll know if you should choose an expedited shipping option instead.  http://www.bigcheckstore.com/questions/shipping-days.html 

Can I get a proof before I order? / Will I get a proof before it ships?

We understand that you want to make sure you are going to get exactly what you are ordering.  That is why we send a proof of your Big Check to you via email before sending it into production to be printed and shipped.  We will not print and ship anything before it is approved.  Even if you are order a blank check, or if you created yourself using the design online program.  This ensures that everything was uploaded/downloaded correctly, and that  when you thought you selected "Blue Fade" as your backdround, you aren't getting the "Pink Ribbon" background that happened to be just below your selection in the drop down menu.

During the proof process, we will let you know if anything looks out of place and how well your logo will print.  At the same time, you can let us know if something doesn't look right to you.  We can make any adjustments for you on our end, you just have to let us know!  We'll make any changes and then send over another proof before printing.

We do not start the proof process until an order is placed, as per our policy.  This allows us to have an order number to associate with everything we are working on, and nothing gets forgotten or misplaced.  If after the proof process you are still unhappy with the order and do not wish to proceed, we can cancel the order for you and issue a full refund.


I am  hoping that this helps to answer some questions you may have while creating your Big Check and placing your order.  We are available by phone and LiveChat to answer any further questions you may have, so don't hesitate to reach out to us and let us know!  Happy desiging and good luck with your presentations!