4'x8' Backlit Fabric Backdrop

Easily change out fabric
Unique glowing design
Optional carry case
One printed side
One none printed back
4" thick frame
Out of stock

For larger files, please use our File Upload after purchase. 


Stretch fabric allows for the backdrop to have a very smooth finish and the fabric makes it great for photos. This size isn't recommended for "Media or Red Carpet" events because only one person at a time would fit into the screen while the photographer captures the shot. Going with a larger backdrop will work better for a situation like that. 

Use at trade shows

The portability of this frame makes it ideal for setting up at a trade show. Opt in for our optional carry case and you will not have to worry about your frame getting damaged from one event to another. If you do not want the shipping case, then we will ship it in a double walled cardboard box. 

Make sure that you have access to an outlet and the pricing is within budget. Hook up two or three of these for your back wall and have a stunning, sectioned look. We also have larger sizes of back lit SEG frames. 

48"'W x 94"H (2 sided)

Graphic Size
47.75"W x 93.75"h

Shipping Dimensions
52" x 22" x 13"
Weight 55 lbs

Wall Mounting Clips Available

After you are done using this at a trade show, you can bring it back to the office, take off the provided feet and mount it to the wall with these clips. The clips can slide around the frame to make sure that you hit the studs to hold up this 50 lb frame. 

Block out Barrier?

The stock fabric used on the back is a normal stretch fabric. This fabric can be bright enough to illuminate what is behind it. If you are concerned about the back of your frame glowing too much, then you can upgrade to the block out fabric that will keep the light in. 

Setup Instructions


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