10'x8' SEG Backlit Backdrop


Back lighting creates glow

Large size to fit 10' booth

Replaceable graphics

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For larger files, please use our File Upload after purchase. 


10 Feet Wide

At the convention center in Hartford, the standard size for booths at a trade show is 10'x10'. This backdrop is designed to fill up the back of your trade show booth without taking away space needed for other items such as tables or walking area. 

Creating Light

Setting yourself apart from the competition can be a very difficult thing to accomplish when you are put next to a thousand other competitors. Using lights to make you stand out from your competition will give you something that they don't have. I'm sure you've seen the front lights available, but these lights are hidden within your frame allowing the light to glow through the colors of your graphic adding another dimension to your artwork. 


If you choose the heavy duty carry case, your backdrop will be sent in a case with rolling wheels that will fit all of your aluminum, hardware, transformers, lights, and fabrics. 

Shipping size is: 

Heavy Duty Carry Case Outside Dimensions 62.87" x 24.5" x 8.68"

Weight 145 Lbs.

If you choose to opt out of the carry case, then you will be shipped your lengths in a double-walled cardboard box. You can choose to repackage this box if you need to move your backdrop, but it is recommended that once it arrives at your facility that you recycle the box. The weight without the case is 115 lbs and is meant more for permanent installations. All of the lengths will be cut in half in order to save money on shipping. Cutting the lengths is also ideal for any type of travel, take-down, or setup that you might have with your backdrop. Finding a place to store 10' lengths can be hard, so we'll cut it down to a more manageable size. Just use the joiners to put your frame back together. 

The final shipping options is to not have any of the lengths cut down to size. This will mean a large freight charge, starting at $250 because of the 10' lengths. This option is ideal for a company shipping multiple backdrops to a single location for a permanent installation. When they are set up on the wall, you won't have any cuts in the aluminum.

Setup Instructions

Design Templates

Design Size:
118" x 94" with additional 1" bleed all around.

Finished Files can be uploaded before or after your order is placed Use the "File Upload" tab at the top of the website.

Need Help with your Design?
Generally these are easy layouts that cost around $100. to set up, just email us with your specs and we can get you a great design.

Designing Specs:
• Design at full or half size.
• CMYK and RGB work well
• 125 minimum DPI for images at final size is all that is required.
• Press ready PDF files are perfect, we also take JPG, TIF, and EPS files.


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