5' x 8' Pop Up Display


5'x8' pop up trade show display with fabric print

•  Easy Setup in 5 min with 1 person
•  Vibrant Dyed Fabric Print Included
•  Wrapped End Caps (standard)
•  Easily Change Fabric Prints that are attached with 2" velcro
•  Folds down to approx 31" x 9" x 7"
•  Actual Set Up Size for straight pop up: 60.25"W x 89.5"H x 11.75"D
•  Expanding aluminum frame has fabric graphic attached when stored
•  Soft Rolling Case (included)



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5'x8' Pop Up Tradeshow Display with custom printed fabric graphics

At 5 feet wide, this pop up display system is perfect for trade show booths. The pop up trade show display is easily set up by one person in five minutes, and will draw attention to your exhibit booth. The dye sublimation process allows for bold, vivid, full color custom prints of your design. 

This fabric pop up display is reusable and fabric graphics can be changed when you’re ready for a new display.

•  Easy Setup in 2 min
•  Vibrant Dyed Fabric Print Included
•  Wrapped End Caps (standard)
•  Easily Change Fabric Prints that are attached with 2" velcro
•  Folds down to approx 31" x 9" x 7"
•  Actual Set Up Size for straight pop up: 60.25"W x 89.5"H x 11.75"D
•  Expanding aluminum frame has fabric graphic attached when stored
•  Soft Rolling Case (included)

Fabric material and printing process (Pop Up Displays)

•  These pop up displays are printed using a dye sublimation process that creates stunning colors and actually dyes the fabric threads.  The dye sublimation process produces very high definition prints that last a long time.
•  The fabric used for this pop up is a soft knit 5.0 osy polyester material that is crease resistant and has a slight stretch to it, which reduces wrinkles when fully opened and stretched. 
•  FR Rating: NFPA-701 Certified  Fire Certificate
•  The soft look of the fabric makes your booth inviting and if you use it as a step and repeat (or media) backdrop you will not have any glare when taking photos.
•  Washable - on Cold and air dry

Dimensions and Weights

•  Frame Only - 31"x9"x7"   18lbs
•  Frame with Fabric - 32"x11"x11"   30lbs
•  Shipping Box -  35"x16"x13"    34lbs
•  Shipping Box With Hard Case -  42"x24"x19"  60lbs

About the Expanding frame

•  The frame is made of aluminum struts with plastic joints and ends.
•  Display Size: 60.25"W x 89.25"H x 11.75"d

Changing the Graphic

The tension fabric display graphic has velcro sewn onto the back to allow it to attach to the frame.  To replace the fabric, simply lay the frame down and release the velcro.  Take your new fabric and attach it to the velcro on the frame and you are done. Watch video on graphic replacement.

Lights (optional) 

We can supply optional LED lights that slide onto a clip at the top of the frame.  You always want light on your display and the more the better.  This 5' frame can hold up to 3 lights across the top and I would recommend that many if you can.   

Light Blocking Liner (optional)

Because of the structure of the pop up frame, shadows can be seen from the front side if there is backlighting. The light blocking liner is made of an opaque material that blocks any backlighting from creating these shadows onto the graphic. The liner is recommended if you're unsure about the lighting at your event especially if you will not be using the add-on lights. The liner will be shipped folded, unattached from the frame. Upon receipt, the liner is applied by hooking the square holes over the front top knuckles of the frame draping the rest along the backside of the frame. To keep the liner in place, velcro strips are placed on the back top knuckles of the frame as well as the bottom left and right corners of the fabric. When it's time to disassemble, the liner needs to be removed before collapsing the frame.

Hard Case (optional)

We can supply a hard case for your pop up.  We highly recommend you reuse the box it comes in for shipping it to other destinations, this helps protect the case and wheels. For this 5 ft pop up, we recommend the Medium Shipping Case

Setup Instructions

Design Templates

Pop Up Tradeshow Backdrop 5' x 8' Design Specs and guidelines
  • Download this template by right clicking and "save link as.." to your computer  
  •   5'x8' Pop Up Display Design Template
  • PDF or EPS files are preferred, with text converted to curves
  • Image resolution should be approx 125dpi at final size for best printing. 
  • Fabric is printed at 600x900 dpi, but files over 125 dpi show no discernable difference in print quality and can be difficult to send to us and process.
  • Large files should be uploaded after the order is placed using the "File Upload" tab at the top of the website.
 note:  When working with the pdf template you must remove it from the file before sending the print ready file to us.  

How to order with multiple or large files

  • Place your order for the total number of pop ups you want and check out.

  • After you place your order, go to our "File Upload" tab located on the top of the home page. There you can upload up to 6 files at a time, if you have more than 6 , simply send another set.

  • We connect your order and your files by the email you use on your order and the file upload.  If we have any questions we will let you know.

  • We will be in contact with you on all orders before we go to print.

Working with Lenses, transparencies, and drop shadows in your pop up display file

  • Lenses, transparencies, and drop shadows tend to cause the most issues in printing.  If you are using lenses or transparencies it is recommended that you merge them into one rasterized image before sending.  So if you have a lens effect on a blue background, simply convert those to one bitmap.  Color changes happen with lenses/transparencies/drop shadows that are not combined.



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