Custom Signs

Fast Custom Sign Printing  

If you are ordering 10 signs or less, then we will be able to print them during the same day of your order. Make sure you approve the proof via e-mail before 2 pm Eastern Standard Time to guarantee the same-day print deadline. Approving the proof after 2 pm EST will result in the boards printing the next business day. 

Sign Production Capabilities

We will treat high quantity signage needs with high importance. Several in-house printers, calibrated in color, will output many boards per hour to meet your project deadlines. Our knowledgeable staff is standing by to get your order out the door as quickly as possible. 

Shipping Custom Signage

Dropship custom signs as a gift or get large quantities shipped on a pallet. After submitting an order or request form, a customer service agent will reach out to talk in more detail about your shipping needs. We excel at meeting deadlines and will do what it takes to make sure your signs arrive on time.

More About Our Custom Sign Material Choices

Foam Board Signs

Custom Printed foam board signs are an excellent way to produce inexpensive signage.  Meant for indoor use, these are lightweight and have a smooth imaging surface. The Foam board is two layers of paper with a foam layer in between. Standard is 3/16", optional 1/2" foam also.

PVC Board Signs

Custom Printed PVC Plastic Board Signs - PVC board printing is a great low-cost way to make interior signage.  PVC board has a smooth surface making it perfect for printing on.  Approx 1/8" thick, it can stand up on easel stands or can be screwed to a wall. PVC is not recommended for exterior signage in cold regions. 

Corrugated Plastic Signs

Custom Printed Corrugated Plastic Signs are very economical and durable signage. These signs can serve as stunning visual aids for any kind of presentation. They are waterproof and lightweight and therefore work well for short-term or long-term use. Generally used for outdoor signs, this substrate works well for indoor signs too.

Aluminum Signs

Our Aluminum signs are printed on a 3 mil ACM (Aluminum Composite Material), about 1/8" thick, made up of thin layers of aluminum on each side and a PVC material in the middle.  Very stable and can be cut and routered.  We offer only a few sizes online as standard sizes. However, custom cuts are common for us, and there are no minimum orders.

Sign Options

Single or Double Sided Signs

Many of the material options come with the availability in single or double-sided. We have printing machines that are calibrated to line up the front and the back of the print for high accuracy, double-sided printing.


Some products will offer lamination on the product page. The lamination is applied after the print to help the board last longer over its life. This is recommended for signs that you will be re-using multiple times. Since our signs are cured with UV ink, they are already very durable, and the lamination will add an extra layer of protection.

Color Configurations

We keep our machines calibrated to ensure proper color output in full-color printing. There is a slight color difference when dealing with outdoor signage, which is calibrated to give off the correct color at a distance. This calibration means that an outdoor sign, up close, will look slightly different than one of the indoor signs. Indoor signs are printed on a particular setting to ensure that the coloring is correct when looking at it up close. 

Custom Cutting Projects

We can also cut our signs into different shapes, not the standard square or rectangle. Circles, rounded edges, or something more complicated are available. Contact us for more information on custom cut signs.

Design Your Signs Online

Try out our online design tool to create your business signs or personal signs. We love to see all the sign designs that our customers create. Since the design tool is new as of 2020, please let us know if you have any questions using it by utilizing the chat tool in the lower right of the screen.