12" x 6" Aluminum Signs

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Custom Options

  • 12" x 6" Aluminum Signs
  • 3mm Aluminum Composite Material
  • 100% recycled polyethylene core
  • Custom Printed in Full Color
  • Completely Waterproof
  • Design Online or Upload Your Own File
  • Great for parking lot or trail signage

More Information

More Information
Design Templates

Design Online Templates

  1. Design Options: Choose an editable template below to use or click on “Design it Yourself” to start from scratch

Design Specs

Design Specs for 12"x6" Custom Printed Aluminum Signs

Download this template by right clicking and "save link as.." to your computer

Design layout should be at full size either:

  • 12" wide x 6" high
  • 6" wide x 12" high

File types accepted:

  • PDF - Preferred file type
  • Jpeg
  • Png
  • Eps

Color profiles accepted:

  • CMYK
  • RGB
  • Mixed colors
  • Pantone Colors*

*Pantone Colors

  • Pantone colors can be used. Pantone colors are converted to a cmyk mix for printing so colors may vary.


  • Should all be converted to an image before sending in.

Image resolution

  • Should be approx 150dpi at final size for best printing.


How to order with multiple or large files

  1. Place your order for the total number of pop ups you want and check out.
  2. After you place your order, go to our "File Upload" tab located on the top left side of the home page. There you can upload up to 6 files at a time, if you have more than 6 , simply send another set.
  3. We connect your order and your files by the email you use on your order and the file upload.  If we have any questions we will let you know.
  4. You will receive a proof that requires approval by you before anything goes to print. 




Options Details

12"x6" Aluminum Sign Options Explained

Material Specs

  • .040 Aluminum - Aluminum Composite, solid non-flex rigid material, good for long term

Double Sided Printing

  • No, 1 sided print: 1 side of the sign will have a full color printed graphic, 2nd side will be blank
  • Yes, 2 sided print: Both sides of the sign will have a full color printed graphic


  • Vertical: The sign will be 12" wide x 6" tall
  • Horizontal: The sign will be 6" wide x 12" tall


  • Rounded:Corners are rounded at 1.5" diameter, good if the sign is mounted to a pole
  • Square: Corners are straight cut, good if sign is mounted to a flat wall


  • Lamination is recommended for extra protection 
    • Matte Lamination
    • Anti-Graffitti Lamination

Upload your File

  • For small file sizes (under 500k) you can use the easy upload on the product options.
  • Larger files, please use the file upload link at the top of the site anytime after your order is placed.


Sign Holder:

  • Make sure your sign holder can hold the thickness of the replacement panels: the aluminum is 3mm thick
  • Reference the sign holder's manufacturer directions to ensure proper installation of the sign
Order Process

Placing your order online for the 12"x6" Aluminum Signs

  • Choose if you want it to be double sided printing.
    • No, single sided printing
    • Yes, double sided printing
  • Choose the orientation of the sign

    • Verticle
    • Horizontal
  • Choose the corner style

    • Rounded
    • Square
  • Choose if you want to add a lamination to your sign

    • None
    • Matte Lamination
    • Anti-Graffitti Lamination

Do you have your own print ready file?

  • Upload the file with the upload button
  • If you have large or multiple files, use the "File Upload" link after the order is placed

Do you want to use our Design Online feature?

  • Choose a pre-made editable template below
  • Choose to start from scratch by simply clicking on "Design it Yourself"

Order is placed: We will email you an order confirmation and your customer representative will be in touch during normal business hours.

Here is the next Steps:

Email proof

  • Our graphics department will send you a proof via email

Proof Approval

  • All proofs will need to be approved by you before printing


  • Once approved the order will move to production where printing will start


  • When printing is complete your order will be boxed up and prepared for shipping


  • Your order will be picked up by FedEx at the end of the business day. We ship Monday - Friday, with the exception of holidays.


  • When your order is scanned in by Fedex you will receive an email from us with the tracking and expected delivery date.


If you have any questions we are available:

Monday - Friday, with the exception of holidays

8:30am - 5pm EST


Care & Use

Care & Use of the 12"x6" Aluminum Signs

The aluminum signs are durable and weatherproof, however, since these signs are usually outdoors they can and will get dirty, regular (every few weeks or so) cleaning will prolong the life of your custom printed sign panels. Without regular cleaning dirt and grim can build up making it difficult to get off. 

Washing your signs

  • Don't use any harsh chemicals because you can damage the print or lamination
  • Use a little soapy water, wiping your replacement panels gently with a soft cloth or towel

Uses of Aluminum Signs

Aluminum Signs are the best material for outdoor sinage. They are long lasting, reusable and weatherproof. Here's a few ways to use them. 

  • Realtor Signs
  • Trail Signage
  • Parking Lot Signage
  • Menu Boards
  • Seasonal Signage
  • Outdoor Signage

Common Questions

What are the Aluminum Signs made of?

  • Our Aluminum Signs are made of .040 Aluminum Composite. Aluminum Composite is weatherproof and durable, aluminum signs are perfect for long term outdoor signage.

How long can I use my Aluminum signs?

  • These signs are built to last a long time, with proper care and cleaning they can last you years to come.

Is the Aluminum Signs durable?

  • Aluminum Composite is very durable and rigid. It can withstand most weather conditions, especially cold weather as they won't crack when hit by the snow.

Can I use my Alumium Signs outside?

  • Yes, these signs are meant to be used outdoors since they are weatherproof you can rely on them lasting through out all the seasons. You can use them indoors as well. 

I would like a different size than the 12"x6"?

  • We can cut down the sign into any size, simply let us know in the comments section what the final size of the sign you would like. We'll confirm the custom size while in the proofing stage.

Can I custom cut or die cut my Aluminum Signs?

  • Yes! We the best die cutting machinery you can get and we have the ability to do most custom die cut projects. Here's how you can set up the cutlines. Please contact us about your custom cut signs 888-319-8184 prior to placing the order. 

Should I laminate my Aluminum Sign Print?

  • We do offer lamination for your replacement sign panels, although not necessary, the lamination offers as an extra layer of protection for your print.

Is the graphic mounted to the Aluminum Sign?

  • Yes, the graphic is printed on a vinyl adhesive and mounted to the aluminum material.

Will my graphic peel away over time?

  • The aluminum signs could peel since the print is mounted to the material. If the Aluminum Sign is properly cared for the print should last a long time without peeling.

Can I make my sign double sided?

  • Yes, we can print on both sides of the Aluminum material, just select double sided printing in the drop down when placing your order.

How many colors or details can I use in my artwork, will it cost extra?

  • You can use any number of colors or any amount of detail in your artwork without incurring any additional fees. We print our Foam Board Signs in full color and no matter how many colors or how detailed the artwork is, it won't affect the cost of the sign.

What color profile should I use in my artwork?

  • We accept CMYK, RGB, Mixed colors and Pantone colors. We use a 4-color process, and each color profile will be converted to meet the original coloring as closely as possible. 

When will I get a proof?

  • Typically, you'll receive a proof via email from our graphics department within 1-2 hours of placing the order, if the order is placed during regular business hours of 8:30am - 5pm EST, Monday - Friday, with the exception of holidays. If you place your order during off hours/days, you'll receive a proof 1-2 hours from the time we re-open.

I don't have a print ready file or software to set up artwork, how can I get artwork set up?

  • We have a very user-friendly design online program; anyone can use it and it's free for you to use! You can pick any of the editable templates we have set up or you can start from scratch. It has lots of options such as adding text, images, colors and even logos, the possibilities are endless! Make sure to create an account and save your designs for future use!

I realized I sent the wrong file when I received the proof, what do I do?

  • No worries, this is why we send proofs! If you realized something is wrong in your artwork or you sent the wrong file, simply respond to the graphics proof email and let them know if you are sending a new file or have changes to your design online artwork. Our graphics team will always send you updated proofs, and nothing goes to print without your approval. 

I approved of the proof then realized it was wrong, what do I do?

  • We work pretty fast over here, once the proof is approved it moves to production pretty quickly. If you realize the proof was wrong after approving contact us as soon as possible. We can try to holt production if your order has not started to print yet. Once it starts printing it will be hard to pull it back at that point so the sooner you can let us know the better chances we have to stop it. 

I approved of my proof after 2:00pm EST will it still go out same day?

  • If you have a rush order and the proof is approved after 2pm EST please let your customer representative know right away. We will make every effort to try and get your order out same day, however, it does depend on our production department's workload, and we can't guarantee it will go out the same day if the proofs are approved after 2pm EST. 
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