22" x 28" Replacement Sign Panel

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• 22" x 28" Replacement Sign Panels
• Completely water proof

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22" x 28" replacement signs will fit most standard 22x28 A frames as well as wind signs.

Available in standard 3/16" thick coroplast or more durable .040 aluminum.

Coroplast - Use for sign frames that have a back to them like "A" frames or sandwich signs.  Coroplast may work in signs without backs for a short period but the wind will generally flex them too much and the sign may work it's way out.

.040 Aluminum - Great for all signs, especially those with open backs as the stiffness of the aluminum will not flex in the wind and work it's way out of the sign frame.

Design Templates

• Design layout should be 22" x 28"

• PDF files are preferred.

• No bleed is required

• RGB or CMYK color space work equally well

• Image resolution should be approx 150dpi at final size for best printing.

• Large files should be uploaded after the order is placed using the "File Upload" tab at the top of the website.

22x28 Replacement Sign Panel Template


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