Aluminum Signs

Custom Aluminum Signs

Custom Printed Aluminum Signs are perfect for permanent and long-term outdoor or indoor signage solutions. The lightweight strong, rigid material is known for its extreme durability and long-life span. Aluminum signs are fully customizable giving you the flexibility to use them virtually anywhere. The finished printed signs are highly professional looking, and the premium material is weather, corrosion and impact resistant making them a popular choice for signage in retails stores, medical buildings, offices, parking lots, outdoor trails and more.


Aluminum Composite MaterialAluminum Composite Material

Aluminum Material

Aluminum, also known as Aluminum Composite or Diabond, are composed of 3 permanently bonded layers, 2 layers of white-painted aluminum sheets with a solid black polyethylene core. The composite material is 3mm thick and lays flat without any waves or buckling that you sometimes see in other types of aluminum sheets. The lightweight, rigid material can be die cut, routed and has the potential to have double sided printing.

Our Aluminum material comes in 4’x8’ sheets, making it easier than ever to make custom size Aluminum Signs as well as custom die cuts. If you have a special request size or custom cuts, please contact us and one of our highly knowledgeable customer service representatives will assist and guide you with your signage needs.  

Mounted Vinyl to AluminumMounted Vinyl to Aluminum

Printing Process

In our experience we find mounting your graphic to the aluminum material is the best process, rather than printing direct to material, by mounting the artwork to the aluminum material it produces a high-quality printed graphic and gives the signs superior durability and protection against natural outdoor elements. Adding lamination to your Aluminum Sign offers a layer of extra protection to your signage.

We first print your graphic on a strong adhesive backed vinyl. Next, we mount the vinyl permanently to an aluminum composite plank. If you choose a lamination, we then apply it over the entire graphic before finishing the sign with our high-quality die cut machine to your liking.

Weatherproof Aluminum SignsWeatherproof Aluminum Signs

Durable & Weatherproof

Aluminum Signs are the #1 choice for long term outdoor sign solutions. The material is extremely sturdy, rigid, corrosion resistant and impact resistant. Aluminum signs are durable enough to withstand most weather conditions and won’t wear and tear. With proper use and cleaning these Custom Printed Aluminum signs will last you a long time.

Aluminum Sign Finishing OptionsAluminum Sign Finishing Options

Aluminum Finishing Options

Our Aluminum Signs have a variety of finishing options such as pre-drilled holes and either square or rounded corners.


  • We will pre-drill the holes into your Aluminum Signs. You have the choices of 2 middle holes or 4 corner holes or no holes at all. These are the most popular placements for the holes, however, if you have a specific place or size that you need the holes, we are able of accommodate special requests. List any special cuts or requests in the comments section when placing the order.


  • You have the choice of either square or 1.5” rounded corners on your Aluminum Signs. We do recommend rounded corners for safety reasons; square corners are very sharp and can be dangerous if someone walks into the edges of the sign. If you plan to mount the Aluminum Signs to a wall, then the straight corners can work. If you plan to mount your Aluminum Signs to a pole it will be safest to choose the rounded corners.