Metal Sign Frame with Bottom Rider 24x18 +24x6


Metal Sign Frame 24"x18" plus Rider

• Metal angle iron construction
• Painted
• Slip in sign system with spring loaded sign holders
• Bolt holes for mechanical attachment of signs
• Optional sign faces 24"x18" and 24"x6"
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Metal Sign Frame with Bottom Rider 24" x 18" main sign with 24" x 6" Rider Sign.

Made of 3/4" metal angle iron with painted finish.

Recommended sign faces: 040 Aluminum has the strength and durability to withstand the wind and cold temperatures.

These metal sign frames are very durable and great for realtor signs.

Slip in sign system

Signs just slip in to the frame and are held in place by metal extrusions in the frame combined with a spring loaded clip that holds the sign close to the angle iron.  The clips and springs will hold your sign for normal applications.  If you expect high winds or this is more permanent then it is suggested that you drill holes in the sign face and add some bolts to the top of the sign and through the pre-drilled holes in the frame.  This will stop the sign from moving in the frame and also help stop vandals from removing the signs.

Design Templates

Printing Design Specifications for 24" x 18" horizontal sign with 24"x6" rider:

   File types accepted - PrePress PDF, EPS, JPG, Tiff
   Resolution of images - Minimum of 150dpi at final size for good print quality
   Large Files - Can be uploaded through the “File Upload” link on the front page
   Bleed - None Needed
   Page Size - 24” wide x 18" High for main, 24"x6" for Rider
   Design Considerations -
   All sides - ½” around all sides will be covered by the frame so design accordingly


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