Custom Projects


 We do many custom projects for our customers.  If you need anything that may be related to what we do just drop us an email: 

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Custom Sizes

The custom banner projects that we do most often are odd sizes. We do these projects for customers that have existing banners that they need to match the size, so the new banner matches the existing banner. Let us know your exact size and we will be able to make a custom size banner for you.

Double Sided

Get the same design on both sides or get two different graphics. There will be a 1 inch "safe" zone to work in when designing a graphic for a double sided banner. Double sided prints need to be printed on 15oz blockout material because it keeps the image from the backside from shining through to the front. The banner becomes very difficult to read if the light shines through without the blockout. Blockout material has a thin layer of black vinyl in the middle of the banner to keep the light from shining through.