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Standard Sizes (Horizontal)

   Horizontal Banners

  • example close-up of hemming comes standard

Hemmed with Grommets Standard

Standard size vinyl banners are printed on 13oz banner material and have hems/grommets. The 13oz vinyl banner is very sturdy for outdoor use and doesn't fade very easily. Hemming the sides of a banner give it added strength to hold up against high winds and ripping over time. The grommets are silver-colored and look very nice while providing a solid hold for whatever you might be hanging this banner on.
The most popular size of vinyl banners is 5' wide x 3' tall because it can be used in a variety of different locations indoors and outdoors.
Standard Hanging
The standard practice for hanging a 13oz banner is to make sure it is secured up against a building or wall to ensure there is lower wind flow coming directly into the banner. When wind catches into the banner when it's free hanging, it will reduce the life span of your banner. 
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