Award Ceremony

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award ceremony

n. a formal occasion at which prizes are given to honour achievement in a particular field

synonyms: employee recognition, awards show, prize giving ceremony, non-profit benefit, business competition

Awards are a way to honor the achievement and excellence of an individual or organization. Recognition in this form helps networking exposure and boosts company morale. Besides handing out prizes, the purpose of many award ceremonies is to fundraise for charities. Donations are made from ticket sales, raffles and silent auctions and the event itself is a great way to educate and bring awareness to the cause. Below are some essential signage pieces for a smooth awards ceremony.

Key Signage for a Successful Awards Show

big checks

Oversized Checks

Whether it’s a fundraiser or awards show, giant checks are a great way to present the donation or prize. As another place for sponsor signage, these large novelty checks are the perfect photo opportunity. Use them to call attention to the recipient as well as raise brand awareness.

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registration foam board

Branded Registration Table

Typically placed close to the front entrance, registration tables are key when sign-in is required for your award ceremony. This is where attendees find their seating arrangement, pick up a program/name badge and any other information needed for their presence at the event.

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stage backdrops

Stage Backdrops

Set the scene of the stage with extra wide backdrops. The stage is one of the most photographed areas of award ceremonies as this is where recipients accept their award. Fabric backdrops work best as they are wrinkle and glare-free. This is also a great display for sponsor signage and raising brand awareness.

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restrooms directional floor decal

Entrance, Exit and Other Directional Floor Signs

One of the most important aspects of making sure the ceremony runs smoothly is making sure attendees know where they’re walking. Guide people with directional floor decals such as arrows to direct them where they need to go or use them to point out frequently questioned areas like restrooms or the exit.

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program brochures


media backdrops

Media Backdrops

Seating Chart

Seating Charts

table throws

Table Throws

retractable banner stand

Banner Stands