Golf Tournament

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golf tournament

n. a series of rounds of golf between players of different classes or skills, who compete for an overall prize, typically held as a benefit or fundraiser

synonyms: open championship, league play, classic, annual golf outing, memorial fundraiser, golf benefit

There are many types and formats of golf tournaments, such as professional or amateur, and open or closed. Some are used by corporate companies for team building or networking; however, most are organized as fundraisers for non-profits and charities. To make these possible, sponsors will donate funds, event space or other commodities in exchange for their brand to be placed on signage throughout the golf course. The products below are ideal for sponsor or vendor displays.

Key Signage for a Successful Golf Tournament

sponsorship signs

Sponsorship Signs

Recognize each benefactor that helped support the event by featuring their company on sponsorship signs. Yard signs are custom printed in full color and can be ordered in large quantities. They can be single or double sided, and vary in size. To install, the signs can be gently placed in the ground using stakes.

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promotional canopy tent

Promotional Tents

Promote companies or vendors with customized canopy tents that allow brand names to be seen at a distance, and also draw in people by providing shade. Canopy tents include a carry bag and stakes for transportation ease and set up, and are printed on a water resistant material to protect against the elements.

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feather flags

Feather Flags

Feather flags are a great way to capture attention with their elevated display and unique shape. Use flags to feature companies or sponsorship, indicate directions or locations, and to add branded material throughout the course. Flags come in a feather and teardrop shape and sizes range from 7 feet to 16 feet tall.

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man holding large check

Big Checks

Award tournament champions or present donations using oversized checks. Big check presentations are a way to publicly honor the recipients and also provide an excellent photo opportunity to capture the award. The checks can feature company logos, and can be left blank to fill in at the event.

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a frames

A Frames

table covers

Table Covers

banner stands

Banner Stands

media backdrops

Media Backdrops

feather flags

Feather Flags