Happy graduate blowing confetti




n. the receiving or conferring of an academic degree or diploma typically accompanied by a ceremony

synonyms: commencement, academic convocation, diploma ceremony, student procession, formal degree completion

Congratulations! The student journey can seem long and enduring but there is no better cause for celebration than a graduation. Diplomas are received at formal commencements then summers are filled with outdoor graduation parties; both of which are crammed with picture-taking. Support your local and relative graduates with signage and displays to make memories that last a lifetime. The following products are most commonly seen throughout graduation season.

Key Signage for a Successful Graduation

lawn signs

Lawn Signs

Decorate the perimeter of your property with custom signage. Use full color custom printed lawn signs to honor all upcoming graduates, or a special one in particular. Yard signs are weather resistant and are offered in a few different sizes with the option for single or double sided printing.

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photo frame cutouts

Photo Frame Cutouts

Make graduation day more memorable with photo frame cutouts. Use designs like the classic Instagram frame, or create something completely custom to mark the special day. Photo frame cutouts come in a variety of sizes for more intimate events or for larger groups of people, and are lightweight.

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stage backdrops

Stage Backdrops

Booth backdrops are a great way to customize the background of photos from the special day. Custom printed fabric allows for your choice of a graphic whether it be logos, images, text, or any combination of the three. Backdrops come in different frame styles that set up with ease in just a few minutes with one or two people.

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big checks

Big Checks

From donations to special gifts, big checks are a unique way to present awards. Recognize extraordinary people while also providing a great photo opportunity to capture the moment. You can use novelty checks for honoring scholarship recipients, awarding donations, or presenting any other prize.

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program brochures


media backdrops

Media Backdrops

photo cutouts

Photo Cutouts

table throws

Table Throws

lawn signs

Lawn Signs