Road Race

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road race

n. a competition measured by speed in which participants, typically on foot, finish a set course on established roads rather than a track

synonyms: marathon, footrace, running race, ultramarathon, long-distance competition, charity race

When you think of road races or marathons, you think of running on streets of major cities or towns. Yet, there is so much more to these types of events. They are typically planned by non-profit organizations to raise money for charities. While participants are training for the big day of running, event planners are running around beforehand trying to tie up loose ends. Signage is needed to designate registration tables, the starting line and mile markers while also advertising the essential sponsor companies. Here are just a few of the recommended displays for road races.

Key Signage for a Successful Road Race

over the road banner for road race

Over the Street Banners

No race would be complete without a starting line. Vinyl banners that are hung across the road are easily spotted by participants and attendees. Standard heavy duty web hemming, corner D-rings and wind slits provide durability in inclement weather. Town requirements for these can vary so double-check the specifications, such as grommet placement and size.

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marathon feather banner flags

Feather and Teardrop Flags

Also known as swooper flags, these displays are ideal advertisement placement for the charities and sponsors of the marathon. Spike bases allow the flags to be placed into dirt and x-bases with water weights can be used on pavement. Because these flags will be viewed running or walking by, limit/omit any information that cannot be read in a second or two.

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fence sponsor banners with marathon runner

Sideline Fence Banners

While spectators cheer on the runners from the sidelines, line the fences with mesh banners. Typically used as sponsor signage, the banners can also direct participants on the course and mark each mile. Tiny holes in the vinyl banner allow air to pass through to relieve tension on fence and barrier poles in windy conditions.

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race starting line asphalt decal

Starting Line or Sponsor Decals

In addition to a street banner, a decal can mark the starting line of the race. Slip-resistant asphalt decals can withstand heavy foot as well as vehicle traffic; plus, they are flexible enough for rocky or uneven surfaces like brick pavers. These outdoor decals can be used for brand awareness short-term or long-term, depending on the duration of your event.

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registration foam boards

Foam Boards

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Media Backdrops

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Big Checks

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Logo Tents

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Zip Barriers