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sporting event

n. an activity involving physical exertion and skill that is governed by a set of rules or customs and often undertaken competitively

synonyms: tournament, competition, finals, extreme sports, championship, stadiums and arenas

Sports come in all shapes and sizes, indoor and outdoor, team and individual. Fans have their favorite team or favorite player and they have the apparel to represent their spirit. However, team jerseys on fans aren’t the only important visuals at these events. Branded displays and signage grab the crowd’s attention and keep the passionate fan culture alive. They also promote and advertise the sponsors that help make these events happen. Keep scrolling for the most popular sporting event signage.

Key Signage for a Successful Sports Event

feather flags at bike race

Advertising Feather Flags

Feather and teardrop flags are ideal for calling attention outdoors to team names or sponsor companies. Versatile for any location, they come in a variety of heights and can be used indoors with an x-base. Because these flags are commonly seen riding or driving by, limit/omit any information that cannot be read in a second or two.

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logo tent at car event

Logo Canopy Tents

Provide shade and shelter at outdoor sports events with custom branded pop up tents. These tents are perfect for designating areas such as field sidelines and registration/sign-ups tables as well as providing placement for sponsor signage. In crowded areas, vendors can easily be spotted with the extendable height.

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sport mesh banner on fence

Mesh Fence Banners

Cheer on your sports team or promote event sponsors with mesh banners. Tiny holes in the vinyl banner allow air to pass through to relieve tension on fence and barrier poles. Cost-effective and waterproof, mesh banners are popularly seen along the back of baseball fields and outer edges of dirt bike tracks.

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event parking a frame sign

Custom Parking Signs

Direct traffic and easily flag down event attendees with these directional outdoor signs which are key to providing organization in the parking areas. Double-sided and interchangable, these sandwich boards are custom printed with your logo and event name.

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