Fabric Table Throw 3' x 3' square

• Full color printing over entire skirt
• Dye Sublimation
• Washable
• Iron on low temperatures
• Fits standard 36" deep, 36" wide, x 29" high, table

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The Fabric Table Throw can be used in a variety of situations such as trade shows and vendor events. Make the most of your space with a fabric table cover that has your logo and information on it. Light weight and easy to travel with.

Ironing Information

It's best to slightly dampen the fabric before using a low to medium tempature to iron. We use our iron on level 3 of 7 (all irons are different) to get that freshly pressed look right before a trade show.

Finishing Appearance

Our table throws are finished with a serging machine creating a tight loop system around your entire table throw to keep the edges from unraveling. We believe that the serging machine creates the best looking finish while creating a durable piece of fabric.

Dye Sublimation

The process of dye sublimation starts with the graphic designer choosing a knockout color scheme for your table throw. These colors will then be printed onto our fabric and saturated in with heat. While the inks heat, the colors really pop out of the material. 

Design Templates

Please click on the link below to download the PDF that you will insert into your design program. It has the dimensions and layout of the table throw that you may use for your design. Please leave space in the design boxes in case the hang on the table is slightly different.

To save file to your desktop, just right click and choose "save link as"

3'x3' Square Table Template


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