Feather Banners

Feather Flag Banners

These are commonly referred to as "Feather" style because of the shape that they hold. There is a metal bar that holds the flag part upright and a base that can either stick into the ground or sit indoors. The metal bar inside is most similar to that of a tent pole. It is lightweight and has a bungee cord running through it to make set up and take down very easy. These feather styles are generally taller than the teardrop ones and can catch a lot of attention from passersby.

Teardrop Flag Banners

AKA Raindrop flags are named this because of their shape from a round area to smaller point near the base. I would recommend using these if your logo is set up as a box or circle as apposed to a rectangle or oval. The set up is the same as the feather styles in the fact that there is a "Tent Pole" running up from the base to keep the flag standing at attention. There is an option to have a spike that goes into the ground or an X-Base that works for indoor use only.