Adjustable Large X Banner and Stand 48"x83" or 59"x98"

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Large Adjustable X Banner Stand and Banner

Custom Printed on 12oz Vinyl

Width: 48" to 59"

Large: 83" to 98"

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Large Adjustable X Banner Stand and Banner

Aluminum Construction Silver Color Stand

Weight 5 lbs

Optional travel bag is available

Width: 48" to 59"

Large: 83" to 98"

Product Overview

The adjustable banner stand is made of sturdy aluminum construction.

The stand has a gear mechanisim that swing high quality graphite poles out on the left and right side of the banner to form an X shape.

This stand is light weight and weighs from 3 to 5 lbs.

It is height and width adjustable and It has 4 hooks on each end of the X shape for very easy set up and take down.

The stand has a durable latch adjustment for extending the height of the stand.

Soft rubber feet give the stand a more finished and professional look.

As the stand is height adjustable you can put tension on the graphite poles to give your banner a very tight, flat and clean look.

Banner Material Scrim Vinyl 12oz Finishing 1" hem top and bottom, grommets in 4 corners attached to hooks on the stand.


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