Light Blocking Liner for Pop Ups


Add-on light blocking liner for tension fabric pop up displays

  • Eliminates shadows caused by backlighting
  • Easy to add to existing frame
  • Includes blockout liner and velcro strips to add to existing frame and fabric
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Light Blocking Liner

Because of the structure of the pop up frame, shadows can be seen from the front side if there is backlighting. The light blocking liner is made of an opaque material that blocks any backlighting from creating these shadows onto the graphic. The liner is recommended if you're unsure about the lighting at your event especially if you will not be using the add-on lights.


Upon receipt, the liner is applied by hooking the square holes over the front top knuckles of the frame draping the rest along the backside of the frame. To keep the liner in place, velcro strips are placed on the back top knuckles of the frame as well as the bottom left and right corners of the fabric. When it's time to disassemble, the liner needs to be removed before collapsing the frame.


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