Fundraising Thermometers

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Fundraising Thermometers

Fundraising thermometers can be a great way to raise awareness for the goal that you are trying to reach. For that next charity event consider a visual benchmark that can be seen from a distance with our large rigid material and banner material thermometers. The places that I see fundraising thermometers the most is in front of schools trying to raise money for school trips. Usually on a small budget, schools can't afford to send children to museums or buy new books. They use the thermometers outside of the school to let the community know that they are looking to raise money. Below is a few different styles that we offer. We still do custom printing if you already have a design made, so use these sizes below to get a price. Our rigid thermometers are printing on corrugated plastic. They are lightweight and easy to transport. If you are going to choose anything bigger than 2'x4', then you are going to want to back this material with wood or the side of your building. Banner material is made of 13oz vinyl with hems and grommets. This is presented best by using rope through the grommets to pull it tight.

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