Graphic Design Service for Large Displays

Designing for large displays requires good file prep.  We work with designers who understand what goes into making a great backdrop.  
Once you choose this design package a designer will contact you and help you pull all the parts together in a professional looking display.
This Base Graphic Package Includes
•   1 image (optional - add more images)
•   Your Logo
•   Headline / Sub Headline
•   Short Copy
You provide the above elements and we will create a print file for your backdrop, banner or poster project.

Compatible file extensions to upload: png, gif, jpg, pdf, eps

In stock

For larger files, please use our File Upload after purchase. 


The Design Process:

1.  Order this package and a designer will contact you directly to work with you.
2.  This package includes 1 image in the background that you supply.  Also your logo as well as copy.
3.  You will be given a proof to review and the package includes reasonable edits to the layout.
4.  You will be told if the requests you have for changes will move you up in fees.
5.  Once you are all set we will give you the print ready file as well as get your project into production.

Need Images for your Display?

We use for high quality images.  We get charged per image we download from there so there will be a cost to you, but it is a great way to get great images.


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