Making Cut Lines In Your Files

Must use a program like Adobe Illustrator, Corel, or any "Vector" type of programs that allow for "Pantone Spot Color" selection.

Programs like Word can be vector, but do not have pantone colors available.  Photoshop works in dots and doesn't seem to hold vector lines when exporting


Pantone Spot Color line is all that we need to be able to cut the path you generate.  Remember to save the file as Native colors and in vector format.  PDF, EPS can all hold the pantone vector line.


Bleed - If we are cutting it is best to send bleed on your file so we cut inside the print a bit and avoid white lines on your cuts.

Your file will go to the RIP and the registration dots will be added automatically.  Next the spot color cut line will be lifted off the print and sent to the cutter along with a copy of the registation dots.


RIP = Raster Image Processor.  Converts files into printer readable files.  We use Caldera rips

Cutter will simply see just registration dots and the cut line.

Once the dots are scanned by the cutter, the print will be cut according to your cut line.