Custom Printed Wallpaper

Pre-Pasted Paper Wallpaper (custom printed) - Least expensive and actually the easiest to install.  Simply wet the back to activate the glue and install just like wallpaper.  Edges can be overlapped or seam cut when dry, then reactivate the glue with water to reseal.  Comes in 48" wide rolls.  Removes easily and glue is removed from wall with water.

Commercial Grade Wall Covering - Heavy Duty type II wall covering material.  Requires paste be applied to the back (paste costs about 4 cents per sf).  Custom printed with your file.  Comes in 52" wide rolls.  Slight texture to the finish.

Self Adhesive Vinyl Wallpaper (custom printed- Very durable 6mil vinyl.  The back has a clear removable adhesive applied, that is activated when the silicone carrier sheet is removed.  Installation is easy because there is no glue or activation of glue needed but this takes a couple people and they should have a knowledge of applying vinyl if you are doing large wall murals.

Self AdhesiveFabric Wallpaper (custom printed) - Fabric textured appearance with a post-it note type adhesive on the back which is activated when the silicone carrier sheet is removed.  Easier than vinyl to install, but still requires a couple people.

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