Magnet Visual Display

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Magnetic displays are an easy way to ship large signs that are changed periodically, ince all the components can be rolled.

Magnetic Receptor Paint - Paint your wall with a iron infused paint and that allows the double sided magnet base material to be placed anywhere on the wall.  Once the base is up, you simply lay over the magnetic receptive skin with your printed sign on it.

Base Magnet for wall - 2 differering ways to go.  1. Paint the wall with the Magnetic Receptive Paint, then place a 40 mil double sided magnet anywhere on the painted wall, then apply the skin.  2. Self adhesive 30 mil magnet can be mounted to a wall, board, or other medium.  The printed receptive skin is then place on that magnet.

Magnetic Receptive Skins that are easy to change - The printed skins are actually iron infused 12 mil material that adheres to the magnet.  These are the parts that are printed and can be put up by anyone.  No need for professional installers.  Available in matte finish and also a canvas finish.

Magnetic Display & Wall Systems

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