Xtra Large Tear Drop Flag Banner (15.7' - 1sided)


Extra Large Tear Drop Flag Banner (1 sided)

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15.7 ft Single Sided Extra Large Tear Drop Banner Stand w/Graphic printed on 1 side but bleeds through to back. Image will be in reverse on back side.

Wind Speed rating of 18-23 mph (1Year Warranty on the hardware)

Setup Instructions

Tear Drop Banner - Instructions

Step 1:

Assemble the first 2 tapered fibreglass rods, starting with the thinnest rod and then adding the next size, making sure they fit snugly together.

Step 2:

Insert these 2 rods into the sleeve on the side of the banners.

Step 3:

Continue to add the next 2 metal rods until the top rod has been pushed all the way to the end of the sleeve. Tip: It is important to ensure the rods are positioned right to the end of the sleeve.

Step 4:

Bring the bungee string through the grommets on the bottom of the sleeves. Bring it down and adjust the attention of the banner. Secure the metal spring clip on the bottom of the banner to the movable anchor point on the bottom rod. Tie string around the clip to secure the banner. Tip: If the banner is too loose or too tight, adjust the anchor point up or down accordingly.

Tear Drop Banner Base

Spike Base:

Tap the stake into the ground using the longer pole, bring careful not the damage the shorter swivel spindle.

Cross Base:

The collapsible hard ground cross base weighs about 3 kg and is great for use indoor and outdoor.

Water Bag for Cross Base:

To give added stability outdoors a water bag is included with each purchase of the cross base. The water bag weighs up to about 18 lbs (9 kg) when full and we highly recommend its use outdoors.

Water Base:

Option base fills with water to have additional weight. Weight: 27 lbs (about 3 gallons of water).


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