Replacement 36" Table Top Retractable Banner

• Available in 36"W x 36"H  or 36"W x 48"H
• Comes with receptive Velcro on Bottom
• Reuse the clamp bar on top

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Our Premium Table Top Retractable Bannerstands have the option of switching out graphics when you need them to be switched out. If you pay for shipping both ways, then we will install this item for free into your existing Premium Retractable Bannerstand Available in 24"x36" or 24"x48" replacement banner sizes

Setup Instructions

Steps to replace the banner in the pro-series retractable banner stand.

These videos can help you replace the banner in your stand by yourself. If you don't feel comfortable with doing the replacement, ask us and we can have you ship us the stand to replace.


Step 3 is very important, so please pay close attention to how the pin (provided) locks the spring-loaded roll into place. If this pin is not inserted, then the roll will unwind.



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