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Trade Show Displays

Our Picks for Portable Trade Show Displays

Trade shows can be a costly endeavor in terms of money and time, but can create a great return if done well.  While the sky is the limit with trade show booth displays we try and bring you practical components that you can use in the creation of your booth.  Gone are the days of hard panel backdrops and vinyl banners.  They have been replaced by portable displays with tensioned fabric wraps that travel easy and set up in no time.  Fabric give your display a rich professional look that is very inviting to passers by. 

Our #1 pick for a  backdrop at this time is the Tension Fabric Tube Frame systems. 

Very durable components make up the frame and the fabric simply slides over the frame after it has been erected.   The whole system is relatively lite, and while it takes a little longer to set up vs a pop up, it is worth it.  Our top rated portable display for any event.

Our #2 pick would be the pop up display systems

Fastest setup of all the backdrops, but the frame components can be broken if set up and taken down without making sure all the clips are undone.  If the same person is setting up and breaking down and you wish to be on the road minutes after the show then this is the system for you.

Our #3 pick would be the Jumbo Frame with Fabric Graphic

Jumbo frames have been very common ways to hang a vinyl banner for years.  We would highly suggest a fabric graphic instead as it is more of a contemporary look and is much more inviting.  Set up is easy after you get the hang of it.

Our #1-A, if you have the time to set up and break down, would be the Aluminum Extrusion Systems with backlit fabric.

These are the best looking and most impressive displays.  Set up time can run an hour for a 10' wide, but if you want to make an impression with a glowing backdrop this is the one you want.

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