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Tension Fabric Displays | Pop Ups

Portable Trade Show Displays

Our backdrop wall displays can be transported and set up easily.  Most are made of fabric that give your display a professional look and folds up with ease.  Service and price that can't be beat.  Let our team of customer service reps help you find the perfect trade show display.

Our most popular trade show product:  Booth Backdrops

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Trade Show Displays

Trade Show Backdrop Walls

Pop Up Displays -

Fast setup and take down.  These pop up trade show backdrops can be set up in under 5 minutes.  Fabric comes attached to the frame, you simply open it up and lock the knuckle joints into place.  Forms a freestanding wall in an instant.  Fabric graphic is easily replaceable.  Available with LED lights to put your wall center stage.  Sizes are approx 91" tall by 2-1/2' to 30' wide.  The standard 10ft fits perfectly into a standard 10x10 trade show booth.  Pop Up Displays

Tension Fabric Zip Stands -

Our Fabric Zip stands are great for trade show displays.  Very popular because of it's small size when disassembled, and it's tight tensioned look.  By far the best way to create a great trade show display back wall.  These are a little larger in size than the pop ups and in fact can be configured to go 10 ft high.  LED lights are available for these and they clamp onto the top of the frame.  Tube frame gets snapped together, then the fabric is slid over the frame like a pillow case and zippered on the bottom.  These displays can be 1 or 2 sided and we also have the ability to add block out liners so light does not show through the wall.  Block out liners are especially useful with the 10' high walls that may stand above the convention pipe and drape systems and have a light source behind the wall.  See all of our Tension Fabric Zip Stands 

Large Fabric Banners -

Sometimes it is easyiest to just hang a banner in your booth from the pipe and drape wall provided by the venue.  For that we have hanging banners with grommets on top and the option of getting "S" hooks to hang it.  A full 10' wide x 8' high fabric banner will fold up into a 12x12x6 size for transportation.  see all our booth backdrop hanging fabric sizes here. Hanging Fabric Banners

Tube Frame Displays -

An older way of creating a trade show display wall, these expandable tube frames can be transported easily and set up is not too difficult.  We do offer them, but generally you are much better off with a tension fabric zip stand or pop up.  Poles are telescopic and can adjust to different sizes both vertically and horizontally.  Banners can be hung from the poles of pole pockets can be used on the graphic to slie the top and bottom pole through while setting it up.  Expandable Tube Frames

Retractable Banner Stands - 

Very popular for trade show displays, these banners can be pulled from the stand and set up in less than a minute.  Easily transported and high quality prints on smooth vinyl.  Available in sizes from 24" to 60" wide and can be used on the floor or on a table.  We have a couple lines of stands we offer depending on the amount you are going to use it.  See all our Retactable Banner Stands here

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