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trade show backdrop

Portable Booth Backdrops


We offer different types of backdrops and keep portability in mind. 


View our product selection below. 

Booth Backdrops



Trade show booths are one of the best ways to get in front of your target market. With the prices of some of these shows, you only have one chance to make a good impression. Depending on your brand, your booth should portray your values accurately. If you would like to speak one on one with a representative from Blue Wave Printing, please contact us.

 Trade Show Booth Backdrops Printed Quick

24 Hour production is available for some of our booth backdrops, check the product pages for which products offer 24 hour production.  

Zip Stand Backdrops

These displays are also known as "Pillow Case" backdrops because the fabric goes over the frame like a pillow case then zips up at the bottom. The stretch fabric used to create this display allows for all wrinkles to be stretched out after shipping. Check out our pricing for the Zip Stand Booth Backdrops. Our most popular zip stand is the $655 10'x8' Zip Stand Backdrop

Pop Up Backdrops

This display sets up easily with one person. Check out the different sizes of pop up backdrops. The fabric comes pre-attached to all of the frames and a carry case is provided with the option to upgrade to a heavier case. Our most popular pop up is the $749 10'x8' Pop Up Backdrop

Blue Wave for Booth Backdrops

Blue Wave Printing and Display has a great track record for orders, please take a look at our Google Reviews. Since 1990, Blue Wave Printing has been shipping products from Connecticut all over the United States. The printing facility has multiple large format fabric printers in order to keep up with the high demand of trade show fabric. From approval to print, the process is quick. Follow the product category links above to find out how long each product will take to print. Most trade show backdrops are 3-5 days production with the option for 24 hour production. Combine the 24 hour production with Next Day Shipping and you can have a fully printed, customized trade show backdrop on the 2 business days after ordering.

Customer Service

Once you place an order you will be assigned a customer representative that will personally review your file to make sure that your trade show backdrop will be printed correctly and at the highest quality. Your customer representative will let you know once your product has shipped and when it is expected to arrive. The reviews on Facebook and Google both boast about the customer service received from representatives at Blue Wave Printing.

Other Trade Show Printing

Printing for trade shows require lightweight solutions to allow for easy travel. Blue Wave Printing also prints foam board signs, retractable banner stands, and table throws. Our most popular products in trade show printing include the $15.75 Foam Board Sign where many add an easel back to help it free stand on a table at a trade show. Also the $180 Full Color Fabric Table Throw that goes through a dye-sublimation process instead of ink-transfer to give it a very vivid color. Another popular product related to trade shows is the $185 Retractable Banner Stand. The retractable banner stand has been a staple of trade shows for many years and some may say that the Small Zip Stands are going to be replacing them with style, but retractable banner stands are so easy to setup, just pull it open. 

Designing For Your Exhibition

Setting the background for your trade show booth is very important when trying to acquire more customers. The best booths have a simple image of the product or service with minimal text. Rely on the smaller marketing materials to the front of the booth to explain more details about the product and use the backdrop to set the atmosphere of the booth. Graphics on your trade show backdrop should be of a very high resolution to avoid distortion. If you don't have professional pictures to use, then consider using stock imagery combined with your logo to promote your booth. There are more design specs located on the product pages for exactly what is required for the design.

Want To Ask Questions?

If you have any other questions regarding trade show booth backdrops, please feel free to use our Live Chat software to leave a message or catch us during business hours (8:30-5:00 EST).