All Fabric Backdrops

Stretch Fabric Tube Backdrops - Our Tension Fabric Displays are a great alternative to standard backwall displays. The fabric graphic stretches over the frame to create a seamless and eye catching display that is perfect for trade show booth backdrops and media events. This system is the most portable backdrop and frame that we have ever seen. The carry case for the complete system is 5"x12"x48" and weighs only 15 lbs.  No moving parts to break and fabric is easily replaceable.

Fabric Pop Ups - Our Fabric displays with Pop Up frames weigh a little more but can be set up in under a minute by 1 person. The mechanical design pulls itself together as one person pulls from the back. Fabric is already attached and will be slightly stretched when the backdrop is fully extended to ensure there are few wrinkles

Hanging Fabric Backdrops - Available in 8' wide to 30' wide and up to 10' tall.  Have it sewn with pole pockets or add grommets to make it able to hang on the pipe and drape.

Media Backdrops or Step and Repeats are available in both the pop up and tension fabric displays.  Can be uses for photo backdrops for events, weddings, parties, and special occasions.  Let the pictures of people fly around social media with your logo or saying in the background.

For more permanent fabric wall displays see Fabric Wall Murals