Zip Combos 58A-208-58A (30 ft) Angled

•   Display Size: 360" Wide x 96" High
•   Fabric Slides over the frame, zippers on bottom
•   Sets up in 25 min with 1 person
•   Includes Custom Dyed Sublimated Fabric Prints
•   Aluminum Frames with Soft Carry Cases
•   Combines 2-5'x8' wide Angled and 1-20'x8' Straight Tube Stands

Compatible file extensions to upload: pdf, png, jpeg, ai, psd, eps, jpg

Compatible file extensions to upload: pdf, png, jpeg, ai, psd, eps, jpg

Compatible file extensions to upload: pdf, png, jpeg, ai, psd, eps, jpg

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For larger files, please use our File Upload after purchase. 


•   Actual Display Size: 360" Wide x 96" High.

•   Round frame tubes are 1-1/4" in dia and are more than adequate for this stand.

•   Fabric is sewn like a pillowcase and simply slips over the frame and is attached under the frame with a zipper.

•   The fabric is stretchy and when pulled tight eliminates all the wrinkles.

•   Combines the following: 2 - 60" x 96" Stands and 1 - 96" x 96" Stand. Sides can be tilted slightly in, to give more depth to the backdrop.

Set Up Time - 25min - 1 person,  less than 15 min with 2 people

Zip Combos can be set up by 1 person although 2 people is preferred.  Total set up time for 1 person is about 25 min.  Straight pole sections are bungeed together and attach to the corners.  Joints are all numbered, so just match the numbers and set up will be quick.  Slipping the fabric over the frame is easiest with 2 people working together, but 1 can do it.  Once the fabric is over the frame you tension the fabric by zippering the bottom under the bottom bar (easiest if the frame is laying down).

Fabric material and printing process (Pillow Case Style, Zippered Displays)

•  These Zippered displays are printed using a dye sublimation process that creates stunning colors and actually dyes the fabric threads.  The dye sublimation process produces very high definition prints that last a long time.

•  The fabric used for this zip stand is a soft knit 5.0 osy polyester material that is crease resistant and has a slight stretch to it, which reduces wrinkles when fully stretched over the tube frame.

•  FR Rating: NFPA-701 Certified  Fire Certificate

•  The soft look of the fabric makes your booth inviting and if you use it as a step and repeat (or media) backdrop you will not have any glare when taking photos.

•  Washable - on Cold and air dry.

About the Display Frame

The frame is made of 1-1/4" dia aluminum tube.   Breaks down into approx 30" sections which are bungee corded together for easy set up.  Sections snap together with snap pins.  No tools are needed to erect this frame (except an allen wrench for the feet).  All the joints are numbered for easy assembly, simply match up the numbers and you will be done in no time.


We can supply optional LED lights that clamp onto the top of the frame.  You always want light on your display and the more the better.  This frame can hold up to 6 lights across the top and I would recommend that many if you can.   More specs on the lights can be found in our lights section.

Hard Carry Case Option

All 3 stands fit into the Large Case 6.

Shipping Sizes

5' x 8' A - 35" x 11" x 7" 17.3 lbs. (X2) shipping box - 34.5" x 12" x 7.5" (X2)

20' x 8' - 38" x 14" x 11" 36.2 lbs. shipping box - 37.5" x 12" x 11.5"

Total Weight: 70.8 lbs.

Shipping - Need it Faster?

We have an option to get your project to print faster than our normal turnaround.  How it works - Once you approve your proof we will put you on a 24hr print path, which means we will get your project ready to ship within 24hrs.

Design Templates

Zip Combos 5'x8' + 20'x8' + 5'x8' Angled

Download the template for the 5'x8' Left Side panel
Download the template for the 5'x8' Right Side panel
Download the template for the 20'x8' middle panel
Download the template for the 20'x8' Half Size

How to order with multiple or large files

• Place your order for the total number of stretch fabric display stands you want and check out.

• After you place your order, go to our "File Upload" tab located on the top of the home page. There you can upload up to 6 files at a time, if you have more than 6, simply send another set.

• We connect your order and your files by the email you use on your order and the file upload.  If we have any questions we will let you know.

• We will be in contact with you on all orders before we go to print.


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