10" Social Distancing Instructions Floor Stickers

• 10" Dia. Social Distancing Instructions Floor Stickers
• Short or long term options
• Decals have a non-slip lamination applied
Choose from different styles in picture to left, or customize one using the design online program.
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10" Social Distancing Instructions Floor Stickers

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Hard Surface Floor Installation:

Our hard surface floor graphics are developed for use on standard tile, vinyl, linoleum and ceramic floors typically found in most commercial stores, they can also be applied to smooth, sealed concrete and sealed hardwood floors. (Not recommended for carpet or rubber mats.) A clean floor is critical to success. Floors must be cleaned first with a commercial cleaner and then washed with isopropyl alcohol to remove any grease, wax or residual cleaner solution residues. 

The next step involves Pre-positioning the graphic on the floor to ensure proper placement and apply your graphic to the floor. First, remove one edge of the liner from the graphic and, when carefully positioned, apply onto the floor. Then use a squeegee and work from the center of the graphic out with firm, using even pressure. Remove the remaining liner and use the squeegee to apply the remainder of the graphic to the floor with short, overlapping strokes, again from the center out. Avoid trapping air bubbles between the graphic and the floor. Finally, with firm pressure, re-squeegee all edges to ensure good contact with the floor. 

After installation, allow the floor graphic to set for eight to 12 hours before waxing, scrubbing or polishing the floor. We strongly recommend the floor graphic be waxed if a mechanical buffer or industrial strength floor cleaner is used for cleaning. Waxing seals the edges of inkjet prints actually protects the graphic from industrial cleaning chemicals and power floor scrubbers. 

If decal edges start to peel up at anytime it must be removed immediately




Carpet Decal Installation:

Our carpet decals are meant for very short term use and should only be applied to low pile commercial carpet.  Simpy vacuum the area to remove excess dirt.  Peel off liner from decal exposing the adhesive and apply to carpet.

If decal edges start to peel up at anytime it must be removed immediately



Removing Hard Surface Floor Graphics

Our hard surface floor decals have a "removable" adhesive which means the glue should not leave a residue on the floor if removed in 6 months from the installation.  When you remove the graphic, start at one of the corners and gently pull the graphic toward you at a 90-degree angle. It may be necessary to use a putty knife to start the removal process.

The graphic should remove cleanly. If there is some adhesive residue on the edge of the graphic, the adhesive can be removed by gently scraping with the putty knife or using a citrus cleaner. You may also see dirty contour edges after you remove the graphic; however, normal cleaning of the floor should take care of that.

Removing Carpet Decals

Simply peel off the carpet decals.


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