Zip Barriers

Stretch Fabric Zip BarriersStretch Fabric Zip Barriers

Trade Show Sidewalls and Branded Barriers

Define your space with stretch fabric zip barriers. Zip barriers are popularly used as sidewalls for trade show booths. These short walls are best for added branding or setting a scene with customized graphics. They are also commonly used like retractable belt or rope barriers seen in event areas. Use these custom dividing walls as crowd control designating specific spaces at any event. Zip barriers are attractive line dividers making them a great place to add advertising sponsor signage. 

Create corners and extra long widths by putting multiple barriers together with the zip stand connector foot found in the related products below.

Looking for taller booth backdrops? See our Full Size Zip Stands

  • Easy set up & take down
  • Dye sublimated fabric
  • Pillowcase style graphic zips at the bottom
  • Thin profile
  • Use stands together or separate
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