Goal Thermometer 16"x48" Dry Erase Wall Decal

16" x 48" Dry Erase Goal Thermometer has low tack adhesive on back and can be stuck to any sound painted surface.
•  Removable Wall Sticker
•  Dry Erase Finish
•  Comes blank, you fill in the goals
•  Can be customized for orders of 10 or more

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    This goal thermometer is great for tracking fundraising progress. Whether your fundraiser be for a school or an office goal, this thermometer will be great for multiple uses. It will stick to the wall and remove without leaving residue if removed within 3 months.


    This adhesive material is only to be used indoors and on painted walls. If the wall vinyl is used outdoors, it will lose it's tack and not be able to stick as well. Also, avoid applying your goal thermometer to uneven surfaces, such as a brick wall.

Dry Erase Finish

    I would recommend using an "Expo" style dry erase marker because of the ink that company uses. That particular ink erases off of our dry erase material the best of any of the dry erase marker companies. A red marker is common to use for setting goals because that is the color of a regular thermometer, but any color can work. Remember to wait for the ink to dry before erasing it. If you are having trouble getting some of the clouding out after leaving it up for months, then you can try a window cleaning agent such as Windex to clean off the remaining residue.


    We can make custom goal thermometers for you if these aren't the right colors or you would like them to have more words on them. Just e-mail us at info@bluewaveprinting.com to ask what we can do for you. Some common customizations that we do include adding personalized text to the thermometer or adding a dollar amount to the bars going up the sides. Adding custom work can run from +$5.00 to +$20.00 depending on how much information you are trying to add.


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