Acrylic Wall Standoff Sign Holder 14" x 20"

• Acrylic Wall Standoff Sign Holder
• 14" x 20"  overall size
• (4)-3/4" x 3/4" Stainless Steel Brushed Finish Standoffs included
• 2 pieces of acrylic sandwich a standard 11" x 17" sheet " floating"
• Prints are additional

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This Acrylic Wall Display comes with 2 -14" x 20" curved top and bottom,  high quality acrylic plates, predrilled.  You can sandwich a standard 11 x 17" sheet of paper in between.  The Stainless Steel Standoffs are 3/4" diameter x 3/4" high. Eco-Lite Series standoffs are lightweight, sleek, and attractive.  Stainless steel construction, easy to install, brushed stainless finish, Flat Cap- M10 thread, screws included.   When mounted to your wall the display will stand out 3/4" from the wall, giving your sign a beautiful contemporary appearance.

Easily change the message inside

To change the print inside, simply remove all the cap knobs by unscrewing them.  Be careful as the acrylic sheets will not be held on when the knobs are removed.  Place the back acrylic sheet on a table and using a small piece of removable double sided tape on the top back, center up your  printed sign and stick to the back acrylic.  Then place the front acrylic sheet over the print and while holding together, screw in the cap knobs into the standoffs on the wall through the acrylic sheets.

Installation of Sign holder

Setting up your sign holder is easy.  This holder is meant to hold a standard sheet of paper, centered in the middle of 2 plates of 14" x 20" acrylic. A piece of tape on the inside of the bottom plate should hold on your print without it sliding.  You can set it up either horizontal or vertical.  Mark and measure your wall (you can use the predrilled holes in the acrylic to mark the wall). 

You can use the screws directly into a wood surface, or use the plastic shields for drywall application.  For concrete or block you will need to purchase some concrete screws.  Once all the standoffs are installed simply attach the acrylic sheets and screw in the knob.


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