Step and Repeat backdrops are a great marketing product for your company. They increase brand awareness by getting your company name and logo on a background that could be seen in photos. Those photos might then be shared on the internet (Facebook/Instagram/twitter), company websites or even the local newspaper of the event. Step and repeats can be used for parties, trade shows, conventions and basically any type event that you can think of.

Logo Size Examples

Logo size is very important, here are some examples of a logo at different sizes so you can see which size would best suite your needs. To pick the right size logo, you will need to know what event you are using it for. The amount of people in front of the camera will greatly impact the size. Smaller size logos are great for one-person, close-up shots. Below is an example of a close-up with one person and 2 different size logos. 

4 pictures: 12" Logo VS 24" Logo

8x8 with Logo @ 12 3: 8x8 with Logo @ 24 8x8 with Logo @ 128x8 with Logo @ 24

The group photos can have a larger logo size because the camera will be back further. To see the logos better, they will need to be bigger. There are only two sizes, 12" and 24" for comparison, but you can choose to make your logo at any size. 

Purchasing Options

Step and Repeat backdrops can be printed on basically any fabric backdrop you can think of. From Zip stands to Pop Ups they always look great! There is a very wide variety of different products to pick from. With Fabric, you will not get a glare from a photographers flash if you are using it for a photo opportunity. Most Fabric material is also wrinkle-free.

Step and Repeat backdrops can also be printed on Vinyl. There are a few concerns that I will point out with the Vinyl. For starters, if you plan on using the step and repeat for a photo opportunity, the photographers flash will cause a glare on the vinyl. I suggest either hiring a professional photographer for your event or also purchasing lights. Another concern is with vinyl it can crease and wrinkle, which in return can cause you more glare.

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