Pop up backdrops are a quick and easy way to display your graphics and get people to see who you are at a tradeshow, while looking clean and professional.  We offer our Pop Up displays in a wide array of sizes, from 2.5’x8’ all the way up to 20’x8’!  We can even custom make frames for non-standard sizes if needed.  We use a high definition dye sublimation printer when printing all of our fabric, making backdrops look clear, crisp, and vivid. Click here to view pricing and sizes for our line of pop ups. 

What Makes the Pop Ups Great

Pop Ups come in many sizes, making them a great option for any booth size or space at a tradeshow.  Large Pop Ups can be the main center display, small pop ups can be accent pieces to your booth, or you can get a combination of both to really show off your graphics and/or products.

5-10 Minute Setup

They are very easy to use, with set up and break down taking 5-10 minutes with one person, depending on the frame size.  Check out the set up video included in this post to see how a Pop Up frame is set up!

Easy Replacement

Replacement fabric can be ordered for your existing stand, so you can give your booth a fresh, new look each time!  The new fabric can easily be placed onto the frame in the same amount of time as set up.

Endcaps Come Standard

Wrapped endcaps come standard with our Pop Ups, rather than separately, so no one can see the Pop up frame itself.  The 2.5’ Pop Up frames can also have printed fabric on all four sides to reduce frame visibility even more.

Curved or Straight Options Available

The 8’ and 10’ wide Pop ups come in straight or curved frames so you can create a different look and feel for your booth or space. Here is a llink to the 8'x8' Straight Pop Up


Additional Items to Accompany Pop Ups

As I mentioned above, you can order replacement graphics for your Pop up frame if you’d like to switch it out, depending on your venue and audience.  We also offer the addition of LED lights in any quantity to really help your graphics stand out in a crowd.  For each size Pop Up, we do have recommended light quantities to highlight your backdrop without being too overpowering like the Christmas Vacation house or A Christmas Story lamp!  All Pop Ups come with the standard soft carry case, however, we do have the hard case for additional protection.  A cool feature of the hard case is that the larger sizes can be used for a podium at your booth, or even just as some extra surface space!


Tips to Remember

There are a few things I would recommend keeping in mind when ordering your Tradeshow Pop Up.

  • The number one thing to remember: ask us any questions you may have in the process.  We are here to help make the order process as quick, easy, and painless as possible for you. 
  • Keep in mind the size of the booth or space that you will have so your Pop Up backdrop fits appropriately.
  • Be sure to follow our templates when creating your design.  All of our Pop Ups have templates available for you to download right from the product page.  Following the template will ensure that all important information is within safe zones and can be easily viewed.  Also remember that you can wrap your design to the sides if you choose, as the endcaps are printed as all one piece with the front of the design.  This way, the design will flow seamlessly from sides to front.
  • When breaking down your backdrop at the end of the show, be sure that all plastic clips are undone to prevent any from breaking.  If there is any resistance when trying to close your Pop Up, you have likely missed a clip.  If all clips are undone, it will collapse easily.  Forcing the Pop Up to close will cause clips to break and become unusable.
  • Don’t forget about the timeframe you have to work with and when you need to receive your backdrop to ensure you have it on time for your event.  We can also ship directly to the hotel or event location, which can come in rather handy for lighter traveling and when in a time crunch!
  • Last, but not least, have fun with your design!

How to setup a Fabric Pop Up from Eric hagelin on Vimeo.