Zip Barrier

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Zip barriers are stretch fabric sidewalls that can be used on the sides of a trade show booth or to form designated areas in an event space.

  • Lightweight and portable "cafe barrier"
  • Full color custom printed stretch fabric for a wrinkle-free display
  • Pillowcase style fabric, aluminum push-button tube frame
  • Available in 3.5' and 6' heights; widths from 2' to 10'
  • Double-sided optional

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Zip Barrier

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Trade Show Sidewalls and Branded Barriers

Define your space with stretch fabric zip barriers. Zip barriers are popularly used as sidewalls for trade show booths. These short walls are best for added branding or setting a scene with customized graphics. They are also commonly used like retractable belt or rope barriers seen in event areas. Use these custom dividing walls as crowd control designating specific spaces at any event. Zip barriers are attractive line dividers making them a great place to add advertising sponsor signage. 

Create corners and extra long widths by putting multiple barriers together with the zip stand connector foot found in the related products below.

Looking for taller booth backdrops? See our Full Size Zip Stands


Display sizes will vary depending on size selected. However, they are true to size. For example, a 2'w x 6'h zip barrier will be 24" wide by 72" high. The depth of the frame is 1-1/4", though the flat feet are 18" deep.

Fabric Material and Printing Process (pillowcase style, zippered displays)

  • These zippered displays are printed using a dye sublimation process that creates stunning colors and actually dyes the fabric threads.  The dye sublimation process produces very high definition prints that last a long time.
  • The fabric used for this zip stand is a soft knit 5.0 osy polyester material that is crease resistant and has a slight stretch to it, which reduces wrinkles when fully stretched over the tube frame. 
  • FR Rating: NFPA-701 Certified  Fire Certificate
  • Washable - with cold water and air dry

Optional Hard Case

The hard case option for Zip Barriers 2ft through 6ft wide is our OCA2 Lighting & Accessory Case. Despite its name, this case will hold the frame and fabric of zip displays up to 6ft wide. It has a side handle to carry like a suitcase and 2 secure straps with plastic buckle closure help to ensure it will remain closed during transport.

  • Interior dimensions: 4.13" h x 13.75" d x 32.81" w
  • Exterior dimensions: 7" h x 15" d x 34" w
  • Weight: 8 lbs (without display inside)

The hard case option for Zip Barriers 8ft and 10ft wide is our Small Case 3 (3.18 cf). This case can be carried with its easy-to-grip side handle or pulled and rolled on its wheels. It will also have some extra room for other accessories for your event.

  • Interior dimensions - 13.5" w x 13.5" d x 39.5" h
  • Exterior dimensions - 19" w x 19" d x 45" h
  • Weight 18 lbs (without display inside)

Zip Barrier Templates

Size: 3.5ft Tall 6ft Tall
2ft Wide 3.5 x 2 Template 6 x 2 Template
3ft Wide 3.5 x 3 Template 6 x 3 Template
4ft Wide 3.5 x 4 Template 6 x 4 Template
5ft Wide 3.5 x 5 Template 6 x 5 Template
6ft Wide 3.5 x 6 Template 6 x 6 Template
8ft Wide 3.5 x 8 Template 6 x 8 Template
10ft Wide 3.5 x 10 Template 6 x 10 Template


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