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Zip Combos 410-1010-410 (18 ft)

•   Display Size: 216" Wide x 120" High
•   Fabric Slides over the frame, zippers on bottom
•   Sets up in 25 min with 1 person
•   Includes Custom Dyed Sublimated Fabric Prints
•   Aluminum Frames with Soft Carry Cases
•   Combines 2- 4'x10' wide and 1- 10'x10' wide Tube Stands

Compatible file extensions to upload: pdf, png, jpeg, ai, psd, eps, jpg

Compatible file extensions to upload: pdf, png, jpeg, ai, psd, eps, jpg

Compatible file extensions to upload: pdf, png, jpeg, ai, psd, eps, jpg

In stock

For larger files, please use our File Upload after purchase. 

Setup Instructions

Zip Combos Assembly

This video shows how to properly assemble a zip combo stand. There are a variety of combinations and endless choices. Most combinations have 2 smaller zip stands that are placed on the sides and 1 larger zip stand that is placed in the middle.


Step One: Layout your zip frame pieces on a large flat surface. (Preferably the floor, make sure there are no extra items lying around.) Start with assembling the middle zip stand.

Step Two: Assemble the small joint piece. This attaches to the zip feet and allows the ends of the zip frames to slide in next to one another smoothly.

Step Three: Continue the building process. (Attaching zip feet to the poles, rest of the frame, etc.)

Step Four: Have 2 people slip the fabric over the completed assembled zip frame. Then, zipper up the bottom.

Step Five: Have 2 people (or the same ones) assemble the smaller zip stands. (Frame, feet, and fabric assembly.)

Step Six: Slide the smaller zip stands into the joint pieces. (These are placed on the sides of the middle zip stand.)

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Design Templates

Zip Combos 4'x10' + 10'x10' + 4'x10'

Download the template for 4'x10' side panels

Download the template for 10'x10' middle panel

How to order with multiple or large files

• Place your order for the total number of stretch fabric display stands you want and check out.

• After you place your order, go to our "File Upload" tab located on the top of the home page. There you can upload up to 6 files at a time, if you have more than 6, simply send another set.

• We connect your order and your files by the email you use on your order and the file upload.  If we have any questions we will let you know.

• We will be in contact with you on all orders before we go to print.


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